Traditional Le Grand Cruise on Mekong River

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Traditional Le Grand Cruise on Mekong River

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Le Grand Cruise 

Experience the mighty Mekong River by observing the local way of hill tribes life from the both banks of the Mekong River with our luxury & comfort cruise options.
Sit back and relax exploring unseen in Laos

Legendary: Le Grand Cruises have been built in 2 fleets in 2016 - 2017 by local expert ship builder team from Luang Prabang shipyard who has deep knowledge and experiences of navigating in upper Mekong River basin between Luang Prabang – Houay Xay – Luang Prabang with one or multiple overnight (s) stop in Pakbeng at Le Grand Pakbeng Resort. Technically, they have been built and designated to sail in strong current, narrow water, medium grade of rapids with curtain level of water both in dry and raining season.

Power of engine: The Cruise Plate No. LPQ0187, engine no. 141552 has the size of 42.50 metres long, 3.40 metres width power by ISUZU Engine 350 horse power with maximum capacity authorization of 10 tons or equivalent of 100 passengers. However, in order make comfortable to passengers with large spaces, we allow to be on board only 36 passengers (guests) to be seated for every departure. The cruise is designed in traditional way with a steel hull and strong timber for upper part and roof for safety and strength purposes,

Feature: An open roof-top for sun-sky deck, the front section has a long bench, central section of vessel is main passenger seats, face-to-face seats with a table in between while the rear section of the vessel is engine room, kitchen area, toilets and observation area. All passenger seats are opened air vista with seat cushion, layback area has both sides cushion which can be reclined, child space, reading area, dining table, small bar, buffet table, coffee/tea corner, western style toilets, luggages are stored underneath of the deck, lifejacket compartments are located under the ceiling and above head where passengers can easily pick up while needed.

Captain & crews: Decades of experiences captain who has deep knowledge of engine mechanic and navigating cruise on the Mekong River. On board crew members including assistance cook, cruise boys and an English-speaking guide who are always assisting you while on board and on sightseeing. He/she will explain all passengers for safety procedure, guiding and informing all steps necessity, the cruise will hop of and hop on visiting caves and villages and prepare your lunch.

Details of our cruise : 

Houay Xay - Pakbeng - Luang Prabang

Code DOWN   .   2 Days - 1 Night
The Slow Boat is a unique and rewarding cruise, perfect for exploring the exotic and beautiful scenery of the north in comfort. Cruising down the Mekong can be very relaxing. You will develop a...
From $ 540
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Luang Prabang - Pakbeng - Houay Xay

Code UP   .   2 Days - 1 Night
The mighty Mekong River flows through the beautiful countryside of Laos on it’s way to the sea. But today we will sail north to enjoy and relax on board and takes you upstream river to final...
From $ 480
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Full day visit the highlight tours in Pakbeng area

Code 019   .   Full day
We will take you to the local villages where very less tourists visit and discover the unique charm of hilltribe people culture heritage. They are still preseve their traditional way of life their...
From $ 55
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Gold Panning Experience at golden villages

Code 015   .   Full day
Simply gold panning in traditional mining that extracts gold from a placer deposit using a pan. The process is one of the simplest ways to extract gold. You will experience and learn how the...
From $ 41
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Cycling Tour (4hrs tours)

Code 002   .   Full day
This is an enjoyable trip through rural parts of Laos rarely seen by tourists. Passing through many hill tribe villages. 
From $ 29
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1000 Years Old Tea Forest (Full day trip)

Code 006   .   Full day
 Along the way you will drop off and speak to friendly hill tribe villagers, spending time in various ethnic group villages and test the healthy 1000 years old tea using the traditional way...
From $ 85
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Cooking Class (Lunch or dinner)

Code 001   .  
Our Executive Chef and his kitchen members will prepare and show you how to cook their delicious dishes. Your lesson today will consist of 6 dishes including most famous Lao, Thai and Vietnamese...
From $ 25
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Morning Alms-Giving (2hrs tours)

Code 004   .  
If you wish to experience heritage culture, you might wish to wake up early to participate or observe the daily routine of local people offering alms-giving to novick monks. This parade will begin...
From $ 15
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